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We are now accepting resumes for fall, spring and summer semesters


Thank you for your interest in a Practicum/Internship experience with the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery!  Our Practicum/Internship program offers opportunities in multiple categories to Associates, Bachelors, and Masters level students to engage and learn about working in a Crisis Intervention based agency focusing on prevention of child abuse and neglect. 

The opportunities that we have are matched to the student's experience, degree, and professional interests so each students experience is uniquely their own. Supervision for these experiences can be provided by both Bachelor’s and Master’s level professionals.  Due to the high volume interest in Practicum/Internship opportunities with limited openings we are selective and competitive in our screening process. 

 Beginning the Process

To begin, please prepare to submit:

·         A cover letter explaining why you’d like to complete your experience at the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery,

·         Your resume, and

·    The application


Please submit to Rachel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

            Within a week, you’ll be notified if you are approved for further consideration.   If so, you will be invited to participate in a phone screening/interview which allows us to gain additional insight into your educational interests and gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the agency and the experience we offer.

            If selected to move forward, you will have a professional face-to-face interview with your potential field instructor. Factors influencing selection include a review of all submitted documents, interview results, the ability to meet student needs.  We will make every effort to contact each student with a determination within a week of the interview.  

            Once accepted, you will receive an email documenting your provisional placement offer which is contingent upon acceptable and timely completion of requirements and paperwork as listed below:

·         You must complete documents that allow us to check your background with the Family Care Safety Registry and

·         You must undergo fingerprinting (we’ll provide instructions) at your own expense ($43)

·         You must submit a physical on the form we provide, with a physician’s signature. 

 The aforementioned must be completed within 2 weeks of the conditional offer to hold your practicum space. 

 Once all background results are in, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to sign up for orientation.    You may not begin your practicum/internship until you receive the welcome email and complete orientation.


Field Opportunities and Activities

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery offers practicums in the fields of Social Work, Counseling, Human Services, Child Advocacy Studies, Child Development, Non-Profit Management, Art Therapy, Public Relations, Media, etc. Below you will find a list of activities that are “typical” to the majority of students within our program each semester. This is not an exhaustive list and each student will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities at the agency that match their degree, professional goals, skill set, and readiness. This provides you with a guide to discuss and goal set around with your field instructor.

Associate Level Students in Social Work, Related Degree, or Human Services:


·         Assist with the 24hr helpline and FEP outreach calls (once trained) offering referrals, reviewing phone logs and needs for admission


·         Observing Intake and discharges, prepping referrals and goal ideas prior to intake and discharges


·         Developmental activity planning and implementation for children in the nursery while assisting with everyday function


·         Observing a home visit and assisting at a Parent Education Group in the children’s program


·         Observing treatment plans


·         Research what agencies are in the area or go through the referrals and bring out SLCN materials, introduce themselves, explain what we do, make a contact there (this activity would require professional dress), assist with canvassing, Winter Homeless Outreach.


·         Policy and Legislative Research and application to the client population


·       Application of Theory and Evidence-Based Practice-discussion of how to apply theory and current evidence-based trends as applicable will be discussed in supervision to enhance practice and then homework will be given to assist in application.


·         Integration of Diversity and Cultural Awareness into practice


 Masters level Foundation Social Work and Counseling and Bachelor’s Level Social Work students:


·         Phone Based Crisis Intervention and Assessment


·         Family Empowerment Outreach  


·         24 Hour helpline-De-escalation, crisis intervention


·         Case Management, Advocacy, Community Resource Assistance


·         Case Notes write-ups, Assessment Scoring, and Monthly Statistical Reporting


·         Agency Outreach, Homeless/Street Outreach, Donation Days, Canvassing, and Resource Fairs.


·    Respite Program assistance with therapeutic treatment plans, transitional/de-escalation, developmental activities with the children in the regional nurseries.


·       Crisis Intervention and Solution Focused Goal Setting assistance at Intake and Discharges with Clients coming in for emergency services.


·      Client Field Visits: co-facilitate goal setting, do a portion of the visit, conduct an assessment tool, make a activity plan to do with the children if they will be present, prep the visit, discuss on the ride back to the office their assessment and observations, assist with safety planning and hotlines if applicable, phone outreach to caseload.


·    Research and Evaluation- program analysis to improve best practice models and analyze current programming in all/various aspects of the department based on need. Students interested in this option will consult with the FEP Director to design a project or contribute to an existing project.


·      Groups: development of curriculum and group schedule for children’s groups, implementation of activities for children’s groups, co-facilitation for adult psycho-educational groups, assist with group prep, contacting all clients to encourage attendance and participation.


·         Presentation: If a student has a particular area of study or has attended a training that would be helpful for the SLCN they can ask to do a short presentation at a Staff meeting with a prepared outline with what they want to present on and why.


·         Application of Theory and Evidence-Based Practice-discussion of how to apply theory and current evidence-based trends as applicable will be discussed in supervision to enhance practice and then homework will be given to assist in application.

·          Integration of Diversity and Cultural Awareness into practice


Master’s Level Concentration Students in Social Work, Counseling, Art Therapy, or a Related Field 


·     Small Caseload of families in the Family Empowerment Program to provide in-office visits under the supervision of a field instructor or other Family Empowerment Professional. Students can provide case management, advocacy, crisis intervention, and other therapeutic interventions, as discussed and approved by the Field Instructor or Family Empowerment Counselor/Social Worker of record.


·      Group Facilitation with children and or adults this may be phycho-educational group or therapy group either as a co-facilitator or under the supervision and guidance of the Field Instructor or Family Empowerment Counselor/Social Worker of record.


·     Community Based Outreach, Interventions, and Presentations to clients, community partners, or other relevant stakeholders.


·      Art Therapy Program: assisting one of the regional Art Therapists with individual or group sessions integrating art therapy and play therapy informed techniques to assist children in the respite program or in the in-home program.




Master’s and Bachelor’s Child Development Students:


·         Developmental activity planning and implementation for children in the nursery while assisting with everyday function


·         Curriculum development and implementation in both the Nursery and Family Empowerment Children’s Programs


·         Facilitation of Children’s groups with the implementation of appropriate curriculum


·      Application of Theory and stages of Development-discussion of how to apply theory and current evidence based trends as applicable will be discussed in supervision to enhance practice and then homework will be given to assist in application.

·         Assistance in the Family Empowerment Program and Bright Beginnings Program with:

o   Observe and/or conduct child development assessments  (ASQ 3, ASQ-SE)

o   Observe/Demonstrate  Parent As Teacher child development activities

o   Assist Parents in understanding their role in helping their child reach their full potential and be ready for Kindergarten

o   Observe discussion/assist in the education of new parents in the basic care and nurturing of newborns

o   Create Children’s Programming to be used during Parent Education Groups.

o   Assess and educate parents about CN support services over the phone

·         Integration of Diversity and Cultural Awareness into practice



Bachelors or Masters Level Communications, Marketing, Business or Non-Profit Management Students-


·         Non-Profit Management- Assist with all Development activities internally and externally, including planning and preparing for major events, assisting with community outreach and awareness activities, relationship building, donor cultivation, and donor solicitation; assisting with grant proposals, analysis of program outcomes, and collection of data.  Provide support for regular audit/site/licensing reviews. Assist with and support recruitment and retention within the volunteer program.


·         Communications/PR- Provide support and assist with all media relations activities, including social media, print media, television and radio opportunities; assist with contacts in the community/local media to advance the messaging for the Nursery consistently throughout the region; prepare press releases and other timely written communications for all media outlets; provide support for all major events involving media.  Assist with all internal and external communications.


Please mark “Internship Application” on the outside of the envelope or in the subject line

Again, thank you for your interest in the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.

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